Lead Singer Sophia Urista Wees All Over Fan’s Face

Sophia Urista pisses in public on man's face

The Daytona Police are investigating a ‘peeing incident’ that occurred at the recent ‘Welcome to Rockville’ festival in Daytona Beach Florida. Sophia Urista, who is the frontwoman for the New York-based cover band ‘Brass Against,’ stunned the crowd partway through the performance by informing them that she needed to relieve herself and quickly. “I gotta … Read more

Britney Spears puts the blame for her Conservatorship on her mother Lynne

Britney Spears puts the blame on her mom for conservatorship

Britney Spears is holding her mother Lynne Spears accountable for the conservator that enabled her father to hold legal control over her for 13 years. Her father, Jamie Spears, requested that the court immediately disband the agreement ahead of a court date. Britney reacted by posting on Instagram to rejoice the end of the long-serving … Read more

Madonna condemned for recreating Marilyn Monroe’s death

Madonna, shocks with controversial photo shoot

Queen of pop and controversy Madonna has been lambasted by some of her fans for shooting eerie scenes reminiscent of screen icon Marilyn Monroe’s tragic early death at the age of 36. Madonna channels Marilyn Monroe in new shoot with Steven Klein for V Magazine. 📸 pic.twitter.com/nfEpZvY7xT — Bops And Bangers (@bopsandbangers) October 29, 2021 … Read more

Madonna poses topless donning nothing but jewelry

Madonna 62, poses topless wearing only jewelry

The Material Girl singer posted a racy, topless photo on her instagram account on Friday further cementing her iconic age-defying phenomenon. The 62-year-old star looked amazingly youthful as she posed wearing nothing but a necklace with her mane of long blonde hair discreetly covering her chest. The raunchy photo coincided with reports that the Oscar-winning … Read more

Love me, love my blood! Machine Gun Kelly wears Megan Fox’s around his neck

Machine Gun Kelly reveals that he wears Megan Fox's blood

In a throw back to the display of love Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton once adorned, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has resurrected the practice by revealing that he wears the blood of his girlfriend Megan Fox around his neck. In a Valentine’s Day post MGK shared two photos with the caption, “I wear your … Read more

Olivia Newton-John says ‘No’ to coronavirus vaccine

Olivia Newton-John won't be getting vaccinated against Covid-19 at this stage

Oliva Newton-John has made it clear that she will not be waiting in line at this point in time to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The 72-year old has been fighting stage four breast cancer which she was diagnosed with in November 2018. Olivia had previously fought and won against the insidious disease twice. Once … Read more

Kelly Clarkson reveals how some celebrities ‘were mean’ to her during her time on ‘American Idol’

On Thursday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer revealed how some celebrities were “rude” and “mean” to her when she was competing on American Idol…but pointed out how actress Jennifer Love Hewitt stood out as an exception and offered her some kind words of advice. Jennifer Love Hewitt was one Celebrity who offered … Read more

Drunk guy legally changes his name to his ‘go to’ person Celine Dion

A 30 year old fan (former name Thomas Dodd) told the New York Post that he came up with the idea to change his name to his ‘go to’ person Celine Dion while he was intoxicated and watching a concert on TV featuring the award winning singer. ‘I honestly hand on heart, don’t remember doing … Read more

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch bought by Billionaire for discount price of 22m

Jackson who died in 2009, originally paid around $19.5 million for the infamous ranch in 1987. He reportedly spent a further $35 million turning the huge estate into a children’s paradise complete with a zoo, Ferris wheel, a theater, a train station, go-kart track and its very own fire department. It was first listed for … Read more

Why Richie Sambora has “No Regrets” about leaving Bon Jovi in 2013

Richie Sambora who left the band in 2013 has opened up on the decision he made to put his daughter Ava first. Sambora revealed that the lifestyle he was leading was not sustainable. ‘When I look back and start to list the tours…18–and-a-half months of being on the road, 52 countries… It’s like, wow. It … Read more