Why Does a Man Choose a Plus-Size Woman as his partner in a Long-Term Relationship?

Many men prefer heavier women and a study published in Journal Plus ONE has found that men that are stressed are particularly susceptible to the idea of a long term relationship with a bigger gal.

Researchers at the University of Westminster in London subjected 41 men to a stress inducing task. Afterwards the researchers asked the men to rate the attractiveness of female bodies that ranged from emaciated to obese.

In comparison to the control group of 40 men who did not partake in the stress task the stressed men rated an exponentially heavier female body as the most attractive.

“Our body size preferences are flexible and can be changed by environment and circumstance,” said Martin Tovee, one of the study’s authors. “We need to understand the factors shaping body preferences.”

Men who have a stressful job could potentially find it easier to be with a plus-size partner who doesn’t demand as much of him because she is content with her curves and has accepted herself as she is. If a man’s partner is bigger and not fixated on how she looks this also takes pressure of a man to shape up. He can feel content knowing that his partner won’t jump ship if he piles on some pounds but will accept him and love him for who he is.

Many thin, attractive females have been stunned when their ex has moved on with a bigger girl. They can’t believe how he used to say he loved being with someone thin but in actual fact maybe that was too much pressure on the man and an attractive thin female could be too demanding in the long run for some men.

Many plus-size women have a natural aura of confidence surrounding them which men find attractive and soothing in comparison to women whose first priority is how she looks.

Also curvy women can be extremely sexy and when they are also happy in their own bodies that is a turn on for a man.

And what is a trait in women that men find tantalizingly attractive? Their butts of course and plus-size women have great butts.

Many Men Choose Plus-Size Women as their Long-Term Partners

Plus-Size Women Can Be More Amicable Than Their Skinnier Counterparts

How many times has a man dated a woman who has a great body only to quickly discover her unpleasant personality. Society worships beauty over character and because of this standard stereotype, beautiful women can get away with bad attitudes relying on their attractiveness to keep men running after them. However a larger woman who has confidence in how she is as a person and who doesn’t rely on her looks to get through life can be a magnet for a man who has had enough of chasing after superficial women. The fat women care for their partners and can be unselfish in relationships. This is in comparison to thin women who often have a sense of entitlement and believe that their needs should also come before others including their partners.

Iconic Movie Star Pierce Brosnan has always stood by his plus-size wife of 22 years, Keely Shaye Smith. In 2022 the Irish actor shared a photo of the pair on holidays which resulted in Keely being trolled for her plus-size body. The actor responded by stating that he is wife is the “most beautiful woman.”

Actor Pierce Brosnan has been in a long-term relationship with his wife Keely for 22 years

He allegedly said that: “Friends offered her surgery to reduce her weight. But I strongly love every curve of her body.”

Pierce Brosnan is a great example of a man loving a man not for how society perceives her but for the woman she is plus-size or not.

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