Should Obese Passengers be Gifted Additional Seating on Planes?

Would passengers be willing to pay more for seats to accommodate plus-size people?

Let’s face facts, airline seats have diminished in size over the last decade, making plane travel an uncomfortable experience for even the lithest of us. In addition, the amount of space between each row of seats has been reduced to such a degree that it can be seriously claustrophobic. How many times have we lasted … Read more

Sleeping In Your ‘Birthday Suit’ is Healthy!

Throw your clothes away and start sleeping naked

Sleeping well is crucial to maintaining optimum health. Sleep is an important biological function essential for life. As we slumber many vital functions occur that help the body to physically recover, repair and support brain development, body metabolism and cardiac function in addition to improving memory and mood. Sleeping naked has been proven to provide … Read more

How Getting Rid of ‘Stuff’ Improved My Health

Minimalism can improve your health

How many of us have bought items that we never use? Those rash moments of instant gratification for something we feel at the time we need to make us feel better are generally short-lived until the next consumer fix. Our modern world has embedded in us the belief that we need to buy to feel … Read more

13 Tell-Tale signs that your partner is sleeping with somebody else

Is your Partner two-timing you?

Do you have a gut feeling that your partner is being unfaithful? Maybe you have even bought it up with them and are told you are being paranoid and crazy. But are you? Usually, a strong intuitive feeling that our other half is playing around is a red flag that something is amiss. A partner … Read more

Demand and threats for sex results in a mans penis being severed by enraged girlfriend

A man loses his penis after demanding sex

A woman has allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s manhood after he threatened to leak their sex tapes in response to her refusal to sleep with him. The attending police reported that the 28-year-old told the now penisless man that she was “not in the mood” and this triggered his attempt to intimidate her into having … Read more

Breastfed groom jilted by Bride on wedding day

Bride is aghast at fiancé's breastfeeding habits

A bride was horrified to discover her future husband to be being breastfed by his mother on their wedding day. In a recent episode of the Unfiltered Bride Podcast hostess Georgie Mitchell (who wasn’t present for the upcoming nuptials) relates that she was told the story by two workers that were there; one being a … Read more

My Boobs are the Biggest – Katie Price shows off her 16th Boob-Job in Thailand

Katie Price goes Big in Thailand

Katie Price is on a mission to have the biggest boobs in England. She recently endured her 16th breast augmentation in her efforts to take the title. Katie’s breasts were adorned in a sequined green bikini The former glamour model is enjoying time away in Thailand with her fiance Carl Woods and two of her … Read more