Should Obese Passengers be Gifted Additional Seating on Planes?

Let’s face facts, airline seats have diminished in size over the last decade, making plane travel an uncomfortable experience for even the lithest of us. In addition, the amount of space between each row of seats has been reduced to such a degree that it can be seriously claustrophobic. How many times have we lasted as long as we could before going to the bathroom to avoid the stress of disengaging ourselves from the small space we are allocated on a plane especially when we need to get past other passengers? Unless one is lucky enough to fly first or business class it is a scenario we need to endure until we reach our destination.

How is it then even doable for those among us who are overweight and how is it even possible for those that are obese?

Jae’lynn Chaney a very full-figured woman has started a petition insisting that airlines give plus-size passengers free seats.

She is also demanding that they provide larger bathrooms to accommodate those with a wider berth so that they can travel as comfortably as possible.


Some commentators pointed out that airlines offer much bigger seats in business or first class at a higher price, but Jaelynn Chaney didn’t comment on why she isn’t interested in exploring those options #catchupnews #plussize #airline #flight

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The 26-year old Travel Blogger and Body Positive Advocate has stirred debate in her mission to ‘protect’ overweight travellers.

‘Let’s just state facts, plus-size travellers need more space,” Chaney said in a Tik Tok video.

Should plus-sized travellers get a free 2nd or 3rd seat?”

“Many people agree that plane seats are just too small, even for the average-sized person.”

“As a plus size traveller myself, I know how uncomfortable and unsafe it can be to squeeze into a tiny aeroplane seat.”

“We are not asking for special treatment or luxury accommodations..”

“We simply want enough space to travel comfortably, without being discriminated against because of our size.”

“It is truly that simple. Let’s work together to make air travel more inclusive and accommodating for everyone.”


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Chaney goes on to describe harrowing and embarrassing experiences that she and her partner have experienced while travelling by plane.

“As plus-size travellers, my partner and I have unfortunately experienced discrimination and discomfort while flying,” she shared in her petition which has already garnered over 5000 signatures.

“During a flight from Paco to Denver, my fiance was subjected to hateful comments, disapproving looks, and even refusal to sit next to them, amounting to discrimination.”

“Similarly, on another flight, I was forced to occupy only one seat with immovable armrests that caused me pain and bruises.”

She also states that the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should require all airlines to implement a clear “customer-of-size” policy.”

“This policy should include clear guidelines on accommodating larger passengers, such as providing larger seats, seat belt extenders, and alternative seating arrangements,” she declared.

“We are also calling on the FAA to mandate that all new airplanes have at least one wheelchair accessible rest room.”

“This change will improve accessibility for passengers of all sizes and abilities, allowing them to use the rest room comfortably and without difficulty.”

She also states that airport security procedures need an overhaul and learn to be more size-inclusive.

“The mistreatment and discrimination of plus-size travellers during Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screenings is another major issue that must be addressed.”

“To provide a safe and comfortable experience for all travellers, the TSA should implement clear guidelines for screening plus size travellers, train agents on how to respectfully interact with plus-size travellers, offer sensitivity training and provide accessible screening equipment.”

She goes on to admit that administration of all these demands to accommodate larger passengers would mean that all passengers could be subject to higher costs for plane travel.

Her petition has split opinions with many denouncing her cause, believing that a person’s weight is not “someone else’s problem”

However, another comment was positive about the possibility of airline seats becoming larger.

“I think this is great. Everyone can benefit from seats being slightly bigger.”

Another shared the trepidation they were experiencing regarding their upcoming flight.

“I am going on a flight in 2 days for the first time in four years and I’m terrified I won’t fit.”

Obesity is increasing. Airline seats are shrinking. In her earnest pursuit of a more enjoyable travelling experience for everyone maybe Chaney and all of us are on our way to flying high in comfort.

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