How Getting Rid of ‘Stuff’ Improved My Health

Minimalism can improve your health

How many of us have bought items that we never use? Those rash moments of instant gratification for something we feel at the time we need to make us feel better are generally short-lived until the next consumer fix. Our modern world has embedded in us the belief that we need to buy to feel … Read more

Dubai unveils the ‘Most beautiful building in the world’

Proclaimed as the “most beautiful building in the world,” the Museum of the Future opened in triumphant style showcasing another iconic landmark in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has been thrown open to the world after nine years of development. The dazzling monument consists of a seven-storeyed circular building that stands at 77 meters … Read more

Man paid $5000 to have his leg amputated with a circular saw

Older man dies after allegedly paying to get his leg amputated

A grisly tale of an ‘arrangement’ to amputate a man’s leg has resulted in his death and the arrest of a banana picker from Vanuata who carried out the man’s alleged request. John Yalu, who has a young family and went to Australia to do farm work appeared in Innisfail Magistrates Court on Monday after … Read more

New cutting edge drug cuts risk of breast cancer tumours reoccurring or spreading by 37%

New study finds breast cancer drug could save thousands of lives

The ground-breaking drug, Keytruda also known as Pembrolizumab has been found to cut the risk of triple-negative breast cancer reoccurring by 37%. The drug utilizes the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Pembrolizumab helps the immune system to be on the alert for cancer cells and destroy them. It is already being used to … Read more

Spinal implants allowed three paralyzed people to walk with support

Huge Breakthrough in the treatment of paralysis

Three completely paralyzed people from the waist down due to spinal injuries are now able to walk in tandem with wheeled walking frames or crutches for support, as a consequence of implants that electrically stimulate nerves in their legs and back. “All three patients immediately after the surgery were able to stand up and to … Read more

New study finds that Lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rate

How the coronavirus pandemic has increased domestic violence

A team headed by the head of Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics analyzed studies from the initial surge of the coronavirus pandemic to investigate assumptions that ‘stringent restrictions’ would limit deaths. However the meta-analysis found that enforced lockdowns in Europe and the US had only “reduced COVID19 mortality by 0.2% on average.” Border closures … Read more