Bruce Willis abandons his acting career as he battles the degenerative brain disorder aphasia

Bruce Willis diagnosed with aphasia

Actor Bruce Willis has paused his acting career. The superstar is suffering from a brain disorder called aphasia. His family revealed on Wednesday that the condition is “impacting his cognitive abilities.” “As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him,” his … Read more

Fifth time unlucky.. Pamela Anderson splits up with former bodyguard Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson and her ex bodyguard part ways

After just a year of marriage Pamela Anderson has called it quits with her fifth husband. Anderson married her former bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst at the end of 2020. As reported by Rolling Stone from a source, “Pamela loves as authentically as she lives,” and added that their “whirlwind romance,” ran out of steam. Page Six … Read more

Halle Berry shares how she was able to forgive her abusive father

Spiritual Healer helps Halle Berry forgive her abusive father

Halle Berry has revealed on NPR’s Fresh Air Podcast about the difficult relationship she endured with her late father, Jerone Jesse Berry who passed away in 2003. “I grew up with an alcoholic father that was very abusive, both verbally, emotionally, physically,” the oscar-winning actress confided. Halle’s latest film Bruised where she both acts and … Read more

Carrie Bradshaw’s hot new spunk in Sex and the City

Has Carrie Bradshaw found a hot new love in the upcoming Sex and the City movie?

The highly anticipated Sex and the City movie, entitled; “Just Like That.” has revealed some behind-the-scenes photos which gives the impression that Carrie Bradshaw could have a spunky new man in her life. The well built male specimen was featured carrying Sarah Jessica Parker in his strong arms while she held onto a baguette. The … Read more

Angelina Jolie reveals that ‘she feared for her family’s safety’ while married to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie's jaw-dropping revelation against ex Brad Piitt

Actress and activist, Angelina Jolie, has made a jaw-dropping revelation, telling The Guardian that she feared for the safety of her family while she was married to Brad Pitt. She revealed that her children’s rights were affected but did not provide details, saying that she couldn’t reveal anything else as it is a “legal situation.” … Read more

Actress Christina Applegate diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Christina Applegate shares her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

Christina Applegate has shared on Twitter how she was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) ‘Hi Friends. A few months ago I was diagnosed with MS. It’s been a strange journey, But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition. It’s been a tough road. But as we … Read more

Brad Pitt spotted leaving a medical centre

Brad Pitt pictured leaving medical centre

Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt was photographed leaving a Beverly Hills medical centre in a wheelchair, where he reportedly had some ‘dental work’ done. Sources told Page 6 that Pitt had his wisdom teeth removed. The 57-year-old heart throb wore grey jeans, black hoodie, large sunglasses and a mandatory face mask. Although Pitt was in a … Read more

Hollywood or ‘Hollyboob’? Arrests made after landmark sign unlawfully modified

Hollywood sign altered, six arrested

The iconic Hollywood sign has been illegally altered again. Six people have been arrested in the latest change which saw the word ‘Hollyboob’ soaring over the city of Los Angeles. It was previously altered in 2017 to read ‘Hollyweed.’ In order to achieve their goal of turning ‘wood’ into ‘boob’ the perpetrators used a tarp … Read more

Why Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas split

Ana and Ben got together after playing the roles of husband and wife in the psychological thriller Deep Water. After less than a year together they have split. A source told People that it was Ana who initiated the breakup because she didn’t want to live in Los Angeles. “Ben is no longer dating Ana. … Read more

Back from the dead? Why did Tanya Robert’s publicist report the actress’s demise when she was still alive?

When Tanya Roberts publicist, Mike Pingel confirmed the actress’s death on Monday many celebrities took to social media to eulogize the late star. ‘I’m very sad to have to post this. Yes. Tanja passed away today. I’m heart-broken‘ was posted by her publicist to her official facebook page Tanya had been hospitalized since December 24th, … Read more