Should Obese Passengers be Gifted Additional Seating on Planes?

Would passengers be willing to pay more for seats to accommodate plus-size people?

Let’s face facts, airline seats have diminished in size over the last decade, making plane travel an uncomfortable experience for even the lithest of us. In addition, the amount of space between each row of seats has been reduced to such a degree that it can be seriously claustrophobic. How many times have we lasted … Read more

My Boobs are the Biggest – Katie Price shows off her 16th Boob-Job in Thailand

Katie Price goes Big in Thailand

Katie Price is on a mission to have the biggest boobs in England. She recently endured her 16th breast augmentation in her efforts to take the title. Katie’s breasts were adorned in a sequined green bikini The former glamour model is enjoying time away in Thailand with her fiance Carl Woods and two of her … Read more

Feeling down? An expert reveals the best song to make you feel happier

If you are feeling down, listen to this song

Dr Michael Bonshor, who has a PhD in music psychology has shared the exact songs you should be playing to promote a good mood. His studies found that Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys is the song that makes people the happiest. In his research to create a happy song, Bonshor found that the combination … Read more

Those that earn less have a greater risk of developing dementia

Are you earning enough to stave of memory loss and dementia?

A new study has determined that low-wage earners have a more significant chance of suffering from memory and developing dementia as they age. “Our research provides new evidence that sustained exposure to low wages during peak earning years is associated with accelerated memory decline later in life,” said Katrina Kezios, a researcher at Columbia University’s … Read more

Has your ex piled on the pounds? Chances are they are in a happy relationship

Overweight couples may be the happiest

When you see your ex has gained weight and looks out of shape while with his new love don’t be too quick to gloat that they are still pining after you. According to several studies, people who gain weight are happy and contented in their relationships. Research carried out by the University of North Carolina … Read more

Climate change ramifications worse than predicted

Young people are stressed about Climate Change

The consequences of the earth’s climate crisis are confirmed to be much more alarming than previously predicted and governments are being warned to act urgently to avoid a global disaster. Alok Sharma, who headed the Cop26 climate summit in 2021 has stated: “The changes in the climate we are seeing today are affecting us much … Read more

Vitamin D DOES reduce the risk of Autoimmune Diseases

A new study has shown that taking 2000 units of Vitamin D a day reduces the risk of Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin D supplementation has previously been touted as a possibility in reducing the risk of developing an autoimmune disease and a new study has proven that this is true- specifically for people over 50. “We know vitamin D does all kinds of wonderful things for the immune system in animal studies,” said Karen Costenbader from … Read more

Fifth time unlucky.. Pamela Anderson splits up with former bodyguard Dan Hayhurst

Pamela Anderson and her ex bodyguard part ways

After just a year of marriage Pamela Anderson has called it quits with her fifth husband. Anderson married her former bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst at the end of 2020. As reported by Rolling Stone from a source, “Pamela loves as authentically as she lives,” and added that their “whirlwind romance,” ran out of steam. Page Six … Read more