Carrie Bradshaw’s hot new spunk in Sex and the City

Has Carrie Bradshaw found a hot new love in the upcoming Sex and the City movie?

The highly anticipated Sex and the City movie, entitled; “Just Like That.” has revealed some behind-the-scenes photos which gives the impression that Carrie Bradshaw could have a spunky new man in her life. The well built male specimen was featured carrying Sarah Jessica Parker in his strong arms while she held onto a baguette. The … Read more

No ‘Mr Big’ in Sex and the City sequel

Sarah Jessica Parker producer and star of Sex and the City

Reportedly Chris North who played the debonair ‘Mr Big’ in the franchise series Sex in the City won’t be reprising his popular role in the upcoming sequel. Embed from Getty Images In January, Producer and star of the hit series, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed there would be a 10-episode revival entitled “And Just Like That.” … Read more

Woman jumps to her death with her 5 year old daughter in New York

Osaka Patchin, 39 and her five year old daughter died on Sunday after the mother leaped from a building clutching her child in her arms at 540 W. 53rd St. New York around 1.40 pm. Reportedly she had been living with her mother after divorcing her husband during the Summer and she failed to leave … Read more

Subway ‘Shove Attacks’ invoke fear in New Yorkers

Visions of brazen and unprovoked attacks on subway riders have circulated on social media, making many commuters afraid of using the New York subway. People were already nervous of taking public transportation during the Pandemic but the recent caught on camera incidence of a woman being thrown on the tracks seconds before an incoming train … Read more