Feeling down? An expert reveals the best song to make you feel happier

If you are feeling down, listen to this song

Dr Michael Bonshor, who has a PhD in music psychology has shared the exact songs you should be playing to promote a good mood. His studies found that Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys is the song that makes people the happiest. In his research to create a happy song, Bonshor found that the combination … Read more

109-Year-Old Woman divulges the secrets to a long life – Avoid Men!

Does getting married lower your life span?

A study in 2015 undertaken by The Holiday Retirement surveyed centenarians – people who have lived for 100 years or more. It incorporated questions relating to what it entailed to live a long and meaningful life. The recipients of the survey shared that they believed their longevity was boosted by saving money early on, spending … Read more

Stop Complaining – No One Cares!

Stop subjecting others to complaints that in reality they have no interesting h

Looking forward to meeting up with someone to complain? Don’t do it. Complaining is not only damaging to your health, it is annoying and mostly unwelcome information that nobody cares about. It is scientifically proven that constant complaining rewires your brain for negativity. In fact it affects your brain so much that negative speech and … Read more

Those that earn less have a greater risk of developing dementia

Are you earning enough to stave of memory loss and dementia?

A new study has determined that low-wage earners have a more significant chance of suffering from memory and developing dementia as they age. “Our research provides new evidence that sustained exposure to low wages during peak earning years is associated with accelerated memory decline later in life,” said Katrina Kezios, a researcher at Columbia University’s … Read more

A man born without a jaw finally finds love

After years of suffering man born without a jaw finds happiness

Joseph Williams has endured years of heckling due to the face deformity he was born with. Williams was afflicted with the rare congenital disorder otofacial syndrome which is triggered by a mutated gene. Otofacial syndrome is described as an extraordinary rare congenital deformity in which a person is born without a mandible (jaw) and consequently, … Read more

Pooh is the new Botox

Could pooh be the answer to a youthful old age?

A study conducted on mice indicates that our pooh holds the key to staying young. Researchers transplanted faecal from young to old rodents and claim they were able to reverse the effects of aging on their eyes, guts and brains. The study believes that the aged microbiome in elderly mice weakens the lining of the … Read more

Baby born with three arms, two hearts and two heads

Baby born with multiple body parts has very small chance of survival

Shaheen and Sohail Khan who had believed they were expecting twins were taken aback as were doctors in India when their baby emerged with two heads, three arms and two hearts. The babies parents and doctors were stunned when the new born arrived The baby born on the 28th March was diagnosed with dicephalic parapagus … Read more

Has your ex piled on the pounds? Chances are they are in a happy relationship

Overweight couples may be the happiest

When you see your ex has gained weight and looks out of shape while with his new love don’t be too quick to gloat that they are still pining after you. According to several studies, people who gain weight are happy and contented in their relationships. Research carried out by the University of North Carolina … Read more

A woman that was set alight in a drug-fueled fit of unfounded jealous rage claims she is happier than ever

Woman claims she is happier than ever after enduring horrific attack which left her with severe burns

Dana Vulin from Perth, Australia was attacked 10 years ago by an incensed woman who falsely accused her of sleeping with her husband. In a fit of rage and under the influence of crystal meth, Natalie Dimitrovska broke into Dana’s flat in the early hours of February 16, 2012, and demanded to know where her … Read more