Stop Complaining – No One Cares!

Looking forward to meeting up with someone to complain? Don’t do it.

Complaining is not only damaging to your health, it is annoying and mostly unwelcome information that nobody cares about.

It is scientifically proven that constant complaining rewires your brain for negativity. In fact it affects your brain so much that negative speech and thinking become an integral by product of you that encourages pessimism.

Constant complaining also leaves the complainer more vulnerable to strokes and wreaks havoc with your immune system. The extra cortisol that is released during the complaining process contributes to developing diabetes, high cholesteral, heart disease and obesity.

Complaining is bad for everyone’s brains

Even the most devoted spouse will soon tire of your constant complaining

A study compiled by Stanford University has found that complaining reduces the size of our hippocampus which is responsible for both memory and problem solving. The study found that complaining in general not just damages the health of the complainer but also the recipient of the complaining.

The research concluded that indulging in complaining or simply enduring someone complaining for more than 30 minutes could physically damage our brains.

Consorting with people who frequently complain and moan can be just as destructive as complaining yourself. This is due to the fact that your brain rewires itself in much the same way. Our brains are tuned to imagine what others are experiencing, so when we see someone experiencing an emotion such as sadness or anger, our brains attempt to imagine it to enhance our understanding of what the complainer is experiencing.

The more you complain about the more you will encounter perceived negative situations to moan about

Complaining can be addictive. Like a drug addict we can find the certain high we are seeking when we get others to hear our grievances.

No One Really Cares

In reality complaining constantly to others regarding health issues, work problems, relationship crap, your lost potential, the house you sold before prices rocketed is pointless.

Everyone has issues, everyone has experienced disappointments. You are not Robinson Crusoe. Constant complaining is exhausting to hear and in reality complaining changes nothing.

No one wants to be with someone who spews forth a constant stream of negative, verbal diahorreah.

They will either tune out, make an exit or disappear out of your life altogether.

Everyone is too caught up in their own affairs to be worried or interested in your issues. A complainer drains people of energy and is not attractive to hang out with.

Stop Complaining and Start Practicing Gratitude.

Constant complaining like many other addictions is a bad habit. Start breaking the complaining cycle by being grateful for things you have instead of complaining about things you don’t have.

Start consciously thinking before you begin to complain and either turn the intended complaint into a positive statement or remain silent.

Switch negative to positive and see how your life and your health starts to improve.

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