Sleeping In Your ‘Birthday Suit’ is Healthy!

Throw your clothes away and start sleeping naked

Sleeping well is crucial to maintaining optimum health. Sleep is an important biological function essential for life. As we slumber many vital functions occur that help the body to physically recover, repair and support brain development, body metabolism and cardiac function in addition to improving memory and mood. Sleeping naked has been proven to provide … Read more

How Getting Rid of ‘Stuff’ Improved My Health

Minimalism can improve your health

How many of us have bought items that we never use? Those rash moments of instant gratification for something we feel at the time we need to make us feel better are generally short-lived until the next consumer fix. Our modern world has embedded in us the belief that we need to buy to feel … Read more

Has your ex piled on the pounds? Chances are they are in a happy relationship

Overweight couples may be the happiest

When you see your ex has gained weight and looks out of shape while with his new love don’t be too quick to gloat that they are still pining after you. According to several studies, people who gain weight are happy and contented in their relationships. Research carried out by the University of North Carolina … Read more

Study finds that attractive people have better immune systems

Perhaps beauty is really more than skin deep. Being good-looking can be advantageous in many ways and a new study has found that attractive people also possess a superior and strong immune system. In a new study, scientists photographed 152 adults without makeup and neutral expressions. In an online survey, 492 people were asked to … Read more

Frozen penis issue suffered by Finnish skier in Beijing Olympics

Remi Lindholm a Finnish skier who was competing in a men’s cross-country skiing race at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing was afflicted by an uncomfortable side effect from the freezing cold temperature. Remi Lindholm from Finland competed during the Men’s Cross-Country skiing which was shortened from 50 to 30km due to the harrowing weather … Read more

Eight signs of possible heart disease

Go to the doctor If these symptoms persist

Every 36 seconds a person in the United States dies from cardiovascular disease. This amounts to a staggering 659,000 people per year, accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths. Globally over 17.9 million lives are lost each year due to heart complications. There are symptoms that you can look out for that could alert you … Read more

Novak Djokovic will not take Covid vaccine even if he can’t play in tournaments

'That's the price I'm willing to pay' says Novak Djokovic who refuses to get vaccinated despite the possibility of missing out on tournament.

In a recent interview with the BBC Djokovic says that; “I was never against vaccination, but I’ve always supported the freedom to choose what you put in your body.” He concedes that his choice to remain unvaccinated could affect his tennis career by not allowing him to compete in tournaments and defend his French Open … Read more

New cutting edge drug cuts risk of breast cancer tumours reoccurring or spreading by 37%

New study finds breast cancer drug could save thousands of lives

The ground-breaking drug, Keytruda also known as Pembrolizumab has been found to cut the risk of triple-negative breast cancer reoccurring by 37%. The drug utilizes the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Pembrolizumab helps the immune system to be on the alert for cancer cells and destroy them. It is already being used to … Read more

Spinal implants allowed three paralyzed people to walk with support

Huge Breakthrough in the treatment of paralysis

Three completely paralyzed people from the waist down due to spinal injuries are now able to walk in tandem with wheeled walking frames or crutches for support, as a consequence of implants that electrically stimulate nerves in their legs and back. “All three patients immediately after the surgery were able to stand up and to … Read more

Vitamin D DOES reduce the risk of Autoimmune Diseases

A new study has shown that taking 2000 units of Vitamin D a day reduces the risk of Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin D supplementation has previously been touted as a possibility in reducing the risk of developing an autoimmune disease and a new study has proven that this is true- specifically for people over 50. “We know vitamin D does all kinds of wonderful things for the immune system in animal studies,” said Karen Costenbader from … Read more