Those that earn less have a greater risk of developing dementia

Are you earning enough to stave of memory loss and dementia?

A new study has determined that low-wage earners have a more significant chance of suffering from memory and developing dementia as they age. “Our research provides new evidence that sustained exposure to low wages during peak earning years is associated with accelerated memory decline later in life,” said Katrina Kezios, a researcher at Columbia University’s … Read more

Man paid $5000 to have his leg amputated with a circular saw

Older man dies after allegedly paying to get his leg amputated

A grisly tale of an ‘arrangement’ to amputate a man’s leg has resulted in his death and the arrest of a banana picker from Vanuata who carried out the man’s alleged request. John Yalu, who has a young family and went to Australia to do farm work appeared in Innisfail Magistrates Court on Monday after … Read more