Is drinking your own menstrual blood good for your health?

Woman credits drinking menstrual blood for her health and wellbeing

Spanish woman, Jasmine Alicia Carter claims that drinking her own period blood has lead to an overall improvement in her health and wellbeing. The 30-year-old from Barcelona also uses it as a bloody face mask and has created what she calls ‘period paintings’ with her blood that she says has enhanced her spiritual health. @jasminealiciacarter … Read more

For Sophia Loren.. 86 is the new 20

Sophia Loren refuses to let a number dictate how she feels. ‘Sometimes when I say I’m 86, I don’t believe it. I feel 20,’ the legendary actress has said. Loren talks positively to herself and believes that how she feels inside is the mantra that helps to keep her feeling decades younger than her chronological … Read more