Is drinking your own menstrual blood good for your health?

Spanish woman, Jasmine Alicia Carter claims that drinking her own period blood has lead to an overall improvement in her health and wellbeing.

The 30-year-old from Barcelona also uses it as a bloody face mask and has created what she calls ‘period paintings’ with her blood that she says has enhanced her spiritual health.

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“If you look at tampons and sanitary pads, they’re floral scented and full of chemicals to hide our blood and compromise the natural functioning of our periods,” Jasmine explained.

“But in reality, your menstrual blood is highly packed with all the nutrients that we need.”

Jasmine is a Sacred Woman’s Empowerment Mentor who works with women to help them ‘to understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle.”

“Understanding and reclaiming my period has given me a whole new appreciation for myself and for women,” she stated.

“Your menstrual blood is pure medicine, if you can collect your period blood, there are so many things you can do with it and ways it can benefit your health and wellbeing.”

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“It’s rich with protein, iron, copper, selenium which many women are so depleted of. It contains regenerative stem cells, and it has antimicrobial as well as detoxifying properties.”

“In regards to drinking your period blood, there is a disclaimer that you need to be in good health to drink it.”

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“Your period blood won’t be as good if you’re eating junk food everyday for example because your nutrients will be poor. but when you’re in tune with your period, then you know how much you need to drink and can feel the benefits.”

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Jasmine, who lives with her husband Suriya and their 2-year-old son Rav, also enthusiastically extolls the benefits her menstrual blood has bestowed on her complexion.

“Your menstrual blood is great for skincare too and I love period face masks. When I first put my fresh menstrual blood on my face, it felt so natural. The feeling is very refreshing and cooling on the skin.”

“Now I just go around our house with my period face mask on my face and my husband is so used to it. Although I’ve never had major skin issues, I can definitely feel that my skin looks at its best now because of these face masks.”

Jasmine does concede that some women could feel a bit grossed out in regards to drinking their menstrual blood or using it as a face mask, but she says women should nonetheless embrace their periods.

She advises women who are not ready to follow her health tips regarding their menstrual blood to start painting with it or using it as a natural fertilizer.

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“I also encourage women to give their period back to nature and feel that connection with the earth. Your menstrual blood is an incredible fertilizer to give back to plants.”

“In the past, women would squat down and give the period blood to the earth to connect themselves to nature, before women were taught to feel ashamed of our periods, ancient cultures were aware of the womb’s wisdom.”

“I also love creating paintings with my period blood. It’s a really beautiful practice.”

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“I don’t expect everyone to be obsessed with their period blood the way I am,” she says.

“But I do encourage women to collect and observe their menstrual blood to see what it can tell them about their health.”

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Stem cells found in period blood, have actually been found to potentially aid in the case of wound healing and other diseases due to their ability form clones and migratory properties enabling them to move to specific locations.

These abilities could even be enhanced when in inflammatory environments.

Dr Jemma Evans from the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne has shown how plasma that is isolated from menstrual fluid contains specific proteins that seem to enhance skin repair.

Dr Evans confirms that menstrual fluid is rich in bioactive materials and proteins that could be used in applications outside of the womb to treat and heal chronic wounds.

A study conducted by researches at the Hudson Institute, Walter and Eliza Institute, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland and Skin Research Institute of Singapore concluded that:

‘The lining of the uterus, the endometrium, is an amazing tissue which undergoes ‘self-destruction’ each month at menstruation, followed by repair and regeneration of the tissue in preparation for pregnancy. This occurs, on average 450 times in each woman’s reproductive life.’

Dr Evans and her team collected menstrual fluid samples from participants using menstrual cups, then proceeded to extract plasma.

“In wounds made in human skin cells, plasma derived from menstrual fluid brought about complete repair, or 100 per cent in 24 hours, compared with about 40 per cent healing observed with using human blood plasma to mimic normal would healing, “

But.. is drinking your own menstrual blood safe?

According to Healthline, a woman’s menstrual blood contains smaller amounts of blood cells than regular blood.

When ingesting any kind of blood, a small amount will not cause you any harm as long as it’s disease-free.

Reportedly however ingesting more than a few teaspoons could put you at risk of hemachromotosis which is a potentially deadly condition when too much iron enters the body.

When your body is not able to rid itself of an overload of iron this can put pressure on organs which can lead to permanent damage or death.

However Carter is not the only believer in the benefits of drinking one’s menstrual blood to improve their health.

Nadine Lee is a 30-year-old Bali based healer who says that drinking one’s own blood “can be a way for women to clear your vision and energies themselves by awakening their spiritual centers.”

She also touts the drinking of menstrual blood as a natural way of boosting energy levels.

And many women are embracing the drinking of their monthly period despite any potential risks involved.

Jasmine acknowledges that not everyone is encouraging of her public stance on the virtues of menstrual blood.

“I used to get a lot of hateful comments for my work and trolls have told me that what I do is gory. I find this suggestion crazy as it’s just my period blood!’

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“I put myself out there because I want other women to find peace with their menstrual cycle and their bodies too.”

But she also says she has encountered lots of support for her menstrual blood endorsements.

“I have found the most amazing community of women who understand and support my message.”

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