For Sophia Loren.. 86 is the new 20

Sophia Loren refuses to let a number dictate how she feels. ‘Sometimes when I say I’m 86, I don’t believe it. I feel 20,’ the legendary actress has said. Loren talks positively to herself and believes that how she feels inside is the mantra that helps to keep her feeling decades younger than her chronological age. ‘When I look in the mirror, I cheer for myself. I don’t ask, “Are you great?” or “Are you beautiful?” No, it’s how I feel inside, how secure I am, how happy I am . That’s what matters.’ she said.

The five-times Golden Globe winner and recipient of an Oscar also believes that her happiness and contentment is linked to “aging naturally” rather than turning to surgery. ‘Why change your body and be somebody else if you are happy inside? I never thought like that – never I like what I have. I like me,’ Loren said.

And Loren has not let age slow her down. In her latest role she plays a Holocaust survivor in the new Netflix film; “The Life Ahead.” The film remains a top-10 hit on Netflix.

Loren shares how her long standing habits of “savoring the little things” and “shooting away the negativity” help to fuel her inner joy which in turn helps her to age well, She credits a strong connection with her children and grandchildren as another ingredient in keeping her happy and youthful. ‘My two sons have two kids, but I’m far away (in Geneva, Switzerland) so we talk on the phone, send pictures,’ she said. And in regards to the coronavirus Pandemic that has affected the whole world Loren shares that, I just try to have that moment of happiness during this pandemic, as we all wait for a better tomorrow,’

Loren does admit that the death of Carlo Ponti, her husband of more than four decades who died at age 94 in January 2007 can make her feel lonely if she thinks of it. ‘I was very sad when my husband died because you can never get over this kind of feeling,‘ she said. ‘Never. Each time you think about it, there’s a moment of the loneliness, which is very strong, but that’s life.’ Loren says she has a strong commitment to “accepting what is.”

Loren’s dedication to accepting herself and her positive mindset to choose happiness, joy and acceptance instead of negativity and self doubt have not only maintained her inner serenity but also her iconic beauty with age playing an irrelevant role.

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