Another blow for Joe Exotic as Carol Baskin reportedly sells Tiger King Zoo

Carol Baskin sells Joe Exotic's Zoo

Maldonado-Passage known as Joe Exotic is battling cancer in jail after being sentenced to 22 years on charges of planning a murder-for-hire plot to kill Baskin. Prosecutors stated that he paid a man $3000 in 2017 to go to Florida with the mission of assassinating Baskin who in turn had been previously accused of murdering … Read more

For Sophia Loren.. 86 is the new 20

Sophia Loren refuses to let a number dictate how she feels. ‘Sometimes when I say I’m 86, I don’t believe it. I feel 20,’ the legendary actress has said. Loren talks positively to herself and believes that how she feels inside is the mantra that helps to keep her feeling decades younger than her chronological … Read more