Immigrate to Europe

Are you wanting to make the move to Europe to start a new life but are not sure which country you should aim for?

Europe is known for being notoriously difficult to migrate to with some countries being harder than others to gain access to.

Some countries in the European Union (EU) including Liechtenstein and Vatican City have some of the most stringent immigration rules in the world.

However, due to massive labour shortages, fueled in part by the Coronavirus Pandemic, countries across Europe are screaming out for workers to fulfil multiple vacancies.

Many countries are therefore making it easier for migrant workers to move to Europe. There has never been a better time!

Below are some of the easiest countries to migrate to in 2023

GERMANY has recently initiated a new ‘opportunity card’ to attract skilled migrant workers.

Germany has made it easier for migrant workers to gain entry into the country

Utilizing a ‘points system’ the ‘Chancenkarte’ permits job seekers in Germany to move to the country before having to find a position first.

Applicants must be under 35 years old, have a basic idea of the language and also have at least 3 years of professional experience in their occupation.


Denmark is also desperately in need of workers in multiple industries.

Workers are required to fill a host of vacancies including electricians, blacksmiths, metal workers, engineering and healthcare.

Statistics Denmark reports that there are currently 71,400 vacancies in the private sector in Denmark with the highest openings in the capital of Copenhagen.


Portugal has instigated a short-term visa for workers who only intend to reside in the country for one season. The Portuguese Work Visa allows you to stay and work in the country for a maximum period of nine months.

The possibility to increase the length of your visa will depend on your occupation. Applications can be a bit drawn out but once you have obtained permission you are allowed to reside in Portugal for one to two years.

After you have lived in Portugal for a period of five years you are able to apply for permanent residency and will no longer require a visa.


Moving to Ireland is quite straightforward. The country has a number of different options available from short-term to long-term residency.

Ireland is very easy for migrant workers to gain access to

Ireland is currently suffering exponential shortages in its labour sector. Although you do need to apply for a position before moving to Ireland, it is relatively easy with thousands of jobs available seeking migrant workers.

Ireland has two main work visas, The General Employment Permit which covers all kinds of jobs and The Critical Skills Employment Permit for highly skilled workers.

After obtaining either one of these permits it is very easy to apply for permanent residency in Ireland.


Finland is also seeking a myriad of workers to fill a deep shortage across the country. It has launched a 14-day fast-track process to streamline highly-skilled workers into the country including their families.

After only 90 days in the country, non-EU workers must apply for a residence permit.

If moving to Europe has been your dream, 2023 is the year to take the leap.

Europe needs you and your skills and the time is now.

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