13 Tell-Tale signs that your partner is sleeping with somebody else

Do you have a gut feeling that your partner is being unfaithful? Maybe you have even bought it up with them and are told you are being paranoid and crazy.

But are you? Usually, a strong intuitive feeling that our other half is playing around is a red flag that something is amiss.

Is your partner canoodling with someone else? Or is it your imagination?

A partner who brushes off your concerns by telling you that you are the one with the problem and who is not interested in alleviating your fears could be trying to gaslight you into believing that your suspicions are futile.

As well as having a strong instinct that you are being betrayed, there are also other signs to look out for that could mean that your partner is two-timing you.

Possible Cheating Signs to Watch Out For

1. They don’t seem to enjoy spending time with you anymore

When someone has a new love interest they will not find your company as stimulating as they previously did. Are they more interested in their phone? Are they constantly messaging someone or are they generally distracted? If they don’t seem to relish being with you in comparison to how they used to perhaps their attention is on a new love recipient.

Is your partner totally oblivious that you are there when in your company?

2. They become very possessive about their phone

Has your partner’s phone habits changed? Is their phone out of boundary to you? Have they suddenly begun using a pin to access messages? Do they go out of the room if someone calls up whereas previously they were open about who they were conversing with? Most illicit love affairs develop or play themselves out on phones. If your partner’s phone is suddenly always with them and they get nervous when you are near perhaps it is a sign that they have someone they are hiding from you who they could be sleeping with.

3. Increasingly cold and distant behaviour

If your partner is sleeping with someone else and they are falling in love with that person, they will feel that anyone including you who tries to get close to them is annoying. You will start to irritate them when you begin questioning them if something is wrong and they will increasingly start to resent you. The more you attempt to find out what is the cause of their distant behaviour the more it will accelerate and your partner will likely blame you for the cause of their indifference to put you off the trail that they are making love to someone else.

4. Acquiring new and strange habits

Sudden changes in your partner are a red flag for infidelity. Someone that has hated something their whole life for example the colour yellow then suddenly declares it is their favourite colour should be examined closely. Typically people tend to mirror those they are with and start to take on their preferences.

5. Unexplained Stuff in your environment

If your partner is cheating on you with someone else, you might over time start to notice or find objects that do not belong to you but to the person, they are sleeping with. If you are a woman and you have always worn small tampons your whole life and discover a large one under the bed, this is a sign that someone else could be sleeping in your bed with your partner when you are not around.

6. Increasing forgetfulness

Being forgetful is a major sign that someone’s attention is focused elsewhere. It generally means that someone is too excited or caught up in someone or something else to remember things you have told them or plans you have made. Partaking in two or even more intimate relationships is not an easy feat and it can be challenging to remember all the details when one is immersed in a new love affair.

7. Your love life has gone downhill or changed dramatically

If your partner is getting it on with another it is possible they could become suddenly disinterested in having an intimate relationship with you. This is a huge sign they are getting their needs met by someone else. Additionally, if they develop a different sexual style and start initiating new moves in the bedroom they could be using the same turn-on techniques they utilize with their new love.

8. Communication Delays

Has your partner become increasingly slow in responding to you? When your partner is in the throes of a new love affair with someone else they will obviously not have as much time for you. If you start to notice a drawn-out amount of time before your queries are acknowledged it could be a sign that your partner is busy answering someone else.

9. Persistence Tardiness

Is your partner suddenly always running late?

If this behaviour has morphed into the new normal, a new intimate partner might have something to do with it. It can be hard to juggle more than one relationship at a time and fitting in clandestine get-togethers on top of a routine with you will make your partner time-poor and consistently late.

10. Becoming Increasingly Open with you

As contrary as it might seem, if your partner starts being excessively open with you this could be a red flag for them being unfaithful. Partners that are betraying you can attempt to find ways to reassure their partners that they can indeed be trusted when the opposite is the case.

The phone might not have a password anymore when it previously did and they can invite you to inspect it to prove they have nothing to hide.

Don’t forget they may have nothing to hide because they are positive you will find nothing that would incriminate them as they have deleted any evidence or have a second phone that you will never gain access to with which to contact their new lover.

11. Unexpected Generosity

A partner who suddenly bestows you with random gifts when there is no occasion for celebration could be a cause for concern.

This could represent a way for them to conceal their guilt while they are philandering behind your back.

12. A New Special Friend

If your partner suddenly has a special ‘new friend’ who you have never met and is taking up a lot of their time then you should be aware that this could be their lover. They might talk a lot about this person and their likes and dislikes, describing the person they are sleeping with.

13. New Focus on Appearance

Has your partner suddenly taken a more avid interest in how they look? Have they started to wear perfume when they didn’t before or do they smell totally different? Adding a huge dose of fragrance can be done to hide the smell of their lover in an attempt to put you off the scent.

Have they started working out when they were previously a couch potato? Are they on a new diet when they were formally addicted to junk food?

If your partner is on a mission to look their best it could be that they are trying to impress their new love.

Red flags in relationships are generally easy to spot, however, sometimes we ignore them even if our gut tells us something is wrong. We can turn a blind eye even when we know someone is lying to us as sometimes we don’t want to face the fact that someone we love could be unfaithful.

However, living with someone who is betraying you is not healthy or acceptable. If this is happening it is best to accept it, confront the cheater and move on.

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