Breastfed groom jilted by Bride on wedding day

A bride was horrified to discover her future husband to be being breastfed by his mother on their wedding day.

Is it common for men to be breastfed?

In a recent episode of the Unfiltered Bride Podcast hostess Georgie Mitchell (who wasn’t present for the upcoming nuptials) relates that she was told the story by two workers that were there; one being a makeup artist she named ‘Jenny’.

“Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened. The bride needed to go to the toilet before the ceremony. She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding.”

Beth who hosts with Georgie tries to surmise what could have possibly occurred to have the Bride call her wedding off at such short notice. Perhaps he had been caught out cheating?

But the actual truth was far more distressing and repugnant than a normal bout of infidelity.

“Worse,” exclaimed Georgie.

“He was being breastfed by his mum.”

“She’s obviously been doing it continuously.”

“Would you call off the wedding? Everyone is in the room waiting. You definitely wouldn’t kiss when they say; ‘You can kiss the groom,” Georgie continued breaking out into an awkward burst of laughter.

A video of the podcast (since been deleted) was shared to TikTok, where it went viral with more than 768,000 views with many different views on the tale and with many also questioning its validity.

Breastfeeding men do exist though. Men drinking their partner’s breast milk is not uncommon in some areas of Uganda and in parts of Kenya and Tanzania.

A study was focused on the rural Buikwe district where breastfeeding behaviour is reported to be a common occurrence.

Four men were interviewed anonymously with one stating; “I know other men do it, but we’ve never talked about it. ‘So that to me would suggest that it is a common behaviour, but it isn’t socially accepted,’ said Dr Rowena Merritt, a British behavioural scientist who specialises in public health and who was a head researcher involved in the study.

The research found that men who partook in breastfeeding from their partners generally drank before the child was fed usually once a day, sometimes more and for around an hour at a time.

The men claim they found it to be an ‘energising experience.’

“It sustains me, I come home for lunch and it relieves stress in the middle of the working day,” one shared.

There is a belief in some communities that breast milk has energising and curative powers even curing diseases such as HIV, AIDS and cancer,” stated Dr Peter Rukundo, a senior lecturer at Kyambogo University who assisted with the research.

The Breastfeeding men also shared that it was a way of initiating sex and showing affection.

One man told the researchers: “When breastfeeding, I feel like I’m being looked after like a child and this becomes addictive. I feel like a prince.”

Whether or not the breastfed groom who was allegedly jilted by his shocked bride will continue to be breastfed by his mother after his wedding was cancelled is unknown.

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