Being depressed alters visual perception

Depression alters visual perception

A study has confirmed that the processing of visual information is altered in depressed people. This phenomenon is most likely connected with the processing of information in the cerebral cortex. The study was published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience. Researchers that specialize in psychology and psychiatry at the University of Helsinki compared the … Read more

The ‘Lockdown’ Generation

How ongoing lockdowns will affect the next generation

Children all over the world are suffering from the measures taken to control Covid-19. According to a United Kingdom (UK) study it’s not so much their education that is being compromised, it’s their mental health. The report substantiates that the pandemic not only compounds existing mental health issues among children but is also contributing to … Read more

‘If you’re reading this I’m gone’ Woman reveals her suicide posthumously on instagram

Woman reveals her suicide posthumously on instagram

A 24 year old woman who had earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College tragically jumped to her death at approximately 11.44am on December 22nd. Yocheved Gourarie didn’t leave a traditional suicide note, instead she planned a post on instagram for after her death to those she left behind. … Read more

‘Not grounded in science’ Ivanka Trump proclaimed ‘Fake Scientist’ for criticizing blanket lockdowns

President Donald Trump’s daughter has been criticized after retweeting a video on Tuesday showing a restaurant owner’s reaction to being cited for defying a California closure order. Ivanka said; ‘These blanket lockdowns are not grounded in science. These arbitrary rules imposed by callous politicians are destroying lives. It is just wrong for small business owners … Read more