Searching for Love? Add a dog to your profile photo

A new study has found that including a photo of your dog in your dating profile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. A recent poll of 1,000 British adults was conducted by Guide Dog, a non-profit organisation providing guide dog services and revealed that two-thirds of people would be more inclined to match with someone if their dating profile included a picture of man’s best friend.

People assume that dog owners are more active and empathetic and six out of 10 people surveyed said that their assumption was that owning a dog is a ‘good sign that a person is ready to settle down in a committed relationship.’

‘It is interesting to see that the same traits Brits associate with their favorite four-legged friends – such as empathy, patience and trustworthiness – are also qualities for their relationships,’ said Paul Martin, a representative from Guide Dogs.

‘Owning a dog can provide a great sense of emotional well-being thanks to the unconditional love they give, which is why they’re also great company and comfort for people when they’re building new connections.’

In fact the promised benefits of adding a dog to a dating profile were deemed so effective that half of the polled participants admitted that they would be willing to borrow a friend or families dog for a photo shoot to improve their dating chances.

Another poll with 1,000 Americans who own cats and 1,000 who don’t found that those who owned cats were more likely to be in a relationship than non-cat owners.

Indeed four out of 10 have even chosen to go home with a potential love interest primarily to meet that person’s pet.

However even though owning a dog rates as the most successful ploy to lure in new love, as long as you’re a ‘pet person’ you are ahead of the game.

Did owning a dog get the girl the man? Studies show this is potentially the case

The research concluded that 72% of people consider owning a pet to be ‘attractive’ regardless of their own personal pet ownership or relationship status.

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