President Trump tweets ‘Get well soon!’ to Joe Biden who has injured his foot while playing with his dog

Biden’s transition team has reported that the 78 year old slipped and hurt his ankle on Saturday while playing with his dog Major. Kevin O’Connor Biden’s doctor firstly stated that an x-ray did not show any obvious fractures. ‘Initial x-rays are reassuring that there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional … Read more

Trump’s lawyers claim that the presidential election will be ‘overturned.’

President Donald Trump’s attorneys’ Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell claim that they have overpowering evidence that will ‘overturn’ the presidential election. Giuliani told Fox News on Sunday that he had “evidence” that “corrupt machines” had deleted millions of votes meant for Trump, however he failed to disclose what this evidence was. Sydney Powell has backed … Read more

Legal Challenges, Riots and a Deadlock

Legal Challenges, Riots and a Deadlock

The long awaited United States election seemed a long time coming. And two days after the nations official voting day on November 3rd, the result is not yet known with both party’s on tenterhooks waiting for final ballots to be counted. President Donald Trump who just a day ago declared his party was victorious is … Read more