Trump’s campaign in Georgia urges people to vote early in crucial Senate runoffs

Thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters lined up for hours, some even camping overnight to attend his Saturday rally in Georgia. Cold temperatures did not dampen the enthusiasm of the huge amount of people that attended. As his followers waited patiently in line for temperature checks a familiar chorus from his followers of the last … Read more

Trump’s lawyers claim that the presidential election will be ‘overturned.’

President Donald Trump’s attorneys’ Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell claim that they have overpowering evidence that will ‘overturn’ the presidential election. Giuliani told Fox News on Sunday that he had “evidence” that “corrupt machines” had deleted millions of votes meant for Trump, however he failed to disclose what this evidence was. Sydney Powell has backed … Read more

Biden will push for mandatory mask wearing

Coronavirus continues to spread unabatedly throughout the United States. Joe Biden who is set to take over the presidency in January has previously called for a nationwide mask mandate to help contain the infection rate of the virus. ‘Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at … Read more