Foreign Visitors not happy regarding Chinese Anal Swabs to detect Covid-19

Prior to the Olympic Games commencing in Beijing, China has again been subjecting people to Anal Swab Tests in an effort to detect the Omicron Variant.

The Beijing News reported that approximately 27 people were given anal swabs last week. They were conducted in an apartment building in Beijing’s Haidian district.

A woman who was recently found to be infected with Omicron and was Beijing’s first case reportedly lives in the area.

Anal swabs for Covid are undertaking by inserting a cotton swab around one to two inches up the rectum.

The sample is then tested at a lab and analyzed in the same method as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) the traditional coronavirus test which swabs the nose or throat.

Chinese Authorities say the anal swab test is superior to the PCR test in detecting coronavirus

China believes the invasive literally up the bum anal swabs are more accurate than nasal Covid tests, however this has sparked alarm among foreign visitors to China who have no desire to be tested in this undignified method

Japan is one country that has asked China to stop subjected passengers to the anal swab citing that it caused them ‘psychological distress.’

In response to outcry’s against the demeaning test, Lu Hangzhou, a Chinese doctor told state media that if passengers did not wish to take an anal test they could instead provide a sample of poo at the airport.

China has canceled plans to sell tickets to the public for the upcoming Olympics and is allowing only ‘selected’ people to attend.

Eleven cases of Omicron have so far been confirmed in the capital and Beijing is in the middle of a strict lockdown hoping to avert a heftier outbreak when the Olympics commences.

The traditional Olympics torch relay will also be sectioned off from the public in an effort to hinder the virus from spreading.

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