Fabio stays youthful by sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber

Fabio Lanzoni, known as Fabio, 62 has revealed one of his weapons in avoiding aging. He has shared with People Magazine that he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber.

He does this because it: “Reverses the aging process,” he said.

Fabio is not the only celebrity who does this. Justin Bieber has said that in order to control his anxiety he began to start sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber. NBA player, LeBron James is also reported to have used hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Doctor’s offices can have hyperbaric chambers

The cost of this “anti-aging” therapy can cost thousands of dollars if you choose to have your own hyperbaric chamber at home, but this kind of therapy is also available at doctors offices.

What exactly is “hyperbaric oxygen therapy?”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a form of treatment used to speed up healing of carbon monoxide poisoning, gangrene, infections and stubborn wounds when tissues are starved of oxygen.

In undertaking this therapy one enters a special chamber to breathe in pure oxygen that has air pressure levels 1.5 to 3 times higher than average. The goal is to fill the blood with enough oxygen to repair tissues and restore normal bodily functions.

Does “hyperbaric oxygen therapy” really help to halt the aging process?

A new study conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel indicates that yes, hyperbaric oxygen treatments in healthy aging adults can halt the aging of blood cells and indeed reverse the aging process. In a biological sense, the adults’ blood cells actually grow younger as the treatments progress.

Fabio’s choice of bed could then be helping him turn back the hands of time as well as other lifestyle factors he incorporates such as abstaining from alcohol and drugs and working out regularly in the gym. According to an interview with Sports Illustrated, Fabio words out well over an hour every day. “I do about an hour, an hour-fifteen of weights. Then I do some cardio. You know, running, or stationary bike,” he said. “Sometimes, maybe once a week I go dirt biking. That’s an amazing, amazing workout.” He also avoids sugary foods and is pretty fussy about what he eats.

Fabio’s superb physique is maintained by daily exercise

Fabio also opened up about the fact is was looking for a partner with shared interests.

There is quantity but I want quality,” he explained in regards to his dating life.

Fabio who became famous for being a romance novel cover star in the 80’s and 90’s. He donned the cover of hundreds of books and made countless TV and film appearances has properties in both Los Angeles and Washing States. He says that a suitable partner would have to be comfortable “in the middle of nature.”

She can’t be afraid about bugs,” he said.

The star also shared that he still has a desire for kids if he could find the right woman.

Fabio also repeated his take on social media, which he has previously said he has no interest in. He said he hoped a prospective partner would share his view on this.

A lot of people today don’t live life anymore. It’s computer, phone, tablet. Their brains are going to be fried 15 years from now. I love life and I spend every single minute living it,” he has previously stated.

Fabio doesn’t have an official social media account.

One thing is for sure Fabio still looks fabulous. Whether it is his sleeping habits involving the hyperbaric chamber, his fitness and eating plans, his abstinence from social media or a mix of these pursuits he’s definitley aging in the opposite direction.

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