Brad Pitt oozes style with his man bun at the Oscars

Brad Pitt caused a stir when he debuted his sexy new hair style at the 2021 Oscars.

All eyes were focused on the heart throb superstar as he made his way onto the stage to present the award for the Best Supporting Actress in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Brad Pitt’s super sophisticated look had audiences all over the world drooling

His standout blonde streaks were longer and pulled back into a man bun leaving a few wisps framing his face.

The sophisticated look drew massive amounts of comments, with one being “Inject Brad Pitt and his lil bun into my veins #Oscars.”

Man of the night Brad Pitt looking every inch the superstar with his man bun look

And many others:

“I literally stood up and clapped for Brad Pitt’s man bun. #Oscars.”

“Brad finally appeared to present #Oscars award sporting a low man bun, #BradPitt Goodnight.”

Best Supporting Actress winner Yuh-Jung Youn, flirted with Pitt saying: “Mr Brad Pitt- finally! Nice to meet you,” she said. “Where were you while we were filming in person?”

The natural charisma that Pitt and the actress shared sent their audience into a throng of laughter.

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