Please don’t scream on rollercoasters, as California seeks to control COVID-19 infections

Theme parks in California are permitted to commence opening on April 1, albeit with strict safety and health regulations.

After a year long closure, the roller coaster experience is looking at being a whole new experience due to a new rule enforced in an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Come for a “quiet” thrill is being encouraged in California as opposed to the usual screaming heard on thrill rides

The rule is: Try not to scream.

The California Attraction and Parks Association (CAPA) Responsible Reopening Plan addresses the urgency to limit shouting, screaming and hollering on roller coasters, thrill rides and other theme park attractions.

CAPA proposes that California theme parks can “mitigate the effects of shouting” through the use of mandatory face coverings as well as utilizing modified seat loading patterns on amusement park rides.

Visitors are limited to groups of no more than 10 and from no more than three households. No indoor dining is allowed and tickets must be purchased online in advance.

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