‘Westworld’ style sex dolls that can feel, walk and talk available within a decade

The sex doll industry is flourishing with sex doll shops reporting that they “can’t keep up with demand’ during the ongoing coronavirus lockdowns.

At the moment available dolls are able to smile, moan and partake in a conversation – but RealDoll the leading company in the “Westworld” -style humanoids are working on making their dolls as authentic as possible, and ensuring that sexual gratification is not just a one-way street.

A RealDoll representative, Brick Dollbanger (not his real name) told the Daily Star that the next generation of AI sex robots will be equipped with sensors in their erogenous zones that will enable them to respond to human touch.

“The AI will know what you’re doing to her body and will respond accordingly,’ Dollbanger said. “I predict this will be a major breakthrough in synthetic sexual companionship.”

As well as being able to sexually respond to touch, the company are also working on dolls that can walk on their own and giving them a more realistic voice.

These highly functioning sex dolls will be available within the next ten years.

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