Orgasms as effective as drugs in alleviating migraines

Professor Amanda Ellison a “brain expert” claims that orgasms work as well as conventional drug therapies in curing migraine headaches.

Migraine is the third most common disease in the world with an estimated global prevalence of approximately 14.7%, afflicting one out of seven people.

Chronic migraine affects approximately 2% of the world population with women being affected three times as much as men.

Migraine attacks can be debilitating

Studies suggest that 3,000 migraine attacks occur every day for each million of the general population.

Ellison says that an orgasm releases serotonin the ‘happy chemical.’

Even a hug can reduce chances of an attack,’ she states.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from frequent migraines have lower serotonin than others.

In her book Splitting ‘Sex results in an injection of serotonin’ Ellison wrote:

“The case of two male episodic cluster headache sufferers, one who was 61, the other 47, was reported in Israel. At the point of orgasm with their respective partners both men reported their headaches suddenly disappeared.”

Indulging in chocolate and drinking caffeine after sex also gave the body serotonin shots.

Ellison also recommends a partner who “cuddles” in keeping migraines at bay, as being in love releases the hormone oxytocin. ‘Choose a hugger for a partner. They don’t call it neurochemistry for nothing;’ she says.

Ellison’s studies show that although a migraine can make you want to lie down in a dark room numbing your throbbing head with painkillers, perhaps a romp between the sheets and lots of intermittent hugs could work as effectively to keep your migraines at bay.

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