Yael Shelbia, winner of TC Chandler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year”

The 19 year old Israeli beauty is currently doing her mandatory military service in the Israeli Air Force. ‘I’ve never come first in anything… it’s very nice,’ Shelbia told the Times of Israel.

The steely blue eyed brunette has already modeled in major campaigns including Kim Kardashians’s KKW Beauty makeup line and for Israeli fashion company Renuar. She is also a major instagram star with nearly one million followers.

As well as crowning the top spot in the prestigious competition, Shelby also beat out fellow Israeli Gal Gadot, who was named 21st on the list.

Shelbia is also reportedly dating 35-year-old Brandon Korff, grandson of the late CBX and Viacom billionaire Sumner Redstone. Redstone was recently thrown out of Israel for breaching COVID-19 quarantine rules when he secretly visited Shelbia.

TC Chandler, the founder of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year list says his competition is not a popularity contest.

Chandler is resolute that making the list is not about being super famous or about being blessed with the perfect body, as he describes it is is about broadening people’s horizons and honoring diversity. ‘You will find superstars and new stars, global sensations and relative unknowns,’ he said.

Shelbia thanked Chandler “with all her heart” in an instagram caption. She was clearly ecstatic and grateful for the prestigious win.

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