How to take a holiday without leaving your bed

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made leisure travel relatively redundant due to extreme and ever changing restrictions, the reluctance for people to take the risk of landing in quarantine, having their travel arrangements cancelled or exposing themselves to the virus. Even before the advent of Covid challenged the most ardent of travelers, holiday makers were still subjected to a lot of rigmarole in order to reach their destination.

Going on a holiday can be a headache.. Is it worth it?

Imagine a holiday with no security checks, no threat of cancellation and no mandatory mask wearing. Envisage yourself flying first class leaving the sometimes hell of economy travel behind you where you are packed in with others like a tin of sardines and it’s a lucky dip that can end in despair when you are the one sitting near a non stop crying baby, a heavy snorer or a seat hogger who can’t comprehend the meaning of Social Distancing. Love your family but secretly had enough of them and would love a solo break? See yourself flying alone to an exotic destination being pampered and appreciated by a group of fellow travellers who actually laugh at all your jokes and don’t ignore your profound statements. Forget waiting in vain with that sick feeling that develops in the pit of your stomach as you valiantly wait by the empty luggage conveyor knowing that your carefully selected holiday wardrobe didn’t make it. Insurance cover is also an ever growing necessity and expense that we need to cover pesky illnesses which can occur after too many hot curries or more serious accidents when we fall of a motorcycle as we have never ridden one before or any number of calamities that can occur and are part and parcel of the inherent risk of traveling.  In fact traveling can be downright exhausting and especially in light of the extra measures implemented due to the Coronavirus it seems a much easier decision to stay at home. 

How to take a holiday without leaving your bed

Dream tourism.. Your trip away from home without leaving it

What if your perfect holiday experience was only a dream away. This week Journey Company Love Home Swap started their “Dream Tourism” Service in partnership with dream specialist Charlie Morley. ‘Dream incubation is a real thing.’ Morley said. ‘It’s been studied by sleep researchers since the 1970s and is surprisingly easy to do. Combining visualization, confirmation and pre-sleep hypnotic suggestion, most people will be able to influence the content of their dreams within a few nights of exercise and will essentially choose what they want to dream.’ This is backed up by Harvard University psychologist Dr Deirdre Barrett who conducted a study and found that 75% of research patients could intentionally influence their dreams using pre-sleep suggestion and dream incubation techniques before bed. 

Your ‘Dream Passport’ … to travel without the hassle

The company is offering a free ‘Dream Passport” that teaches people how to dream. Some of the techniques included in the “Dream Passport” encompass studying images of your dream destinations before bed, writing out in detail what your dream holiday would entail and organising a vision board in your mind of yourself enjoying yourself even drawing photos of yourself on holiday in your desired destination. If this sounds easier than conventional ways of traveling, depending on the power of your belief system and the dreams it can manifest your perfect, hassle free holiday can become the reality you experience from the comfort of your own bed.

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