Can’t afford a degree? Study in Europe for free

There are many perks involved with travelling including meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages. However the greatest benefit which can set you up for life or help you change careers without depleting your savings or having to borrow money is to study in Europe for your degree, master or a second degree for a new occupation you are keen to pursue. Living in another country is something everyone should try to get a different outlook on life, broaden your education and the chance to learn another language which will not only gain you a degree but will be a lifelong asset that will prove your employment prospects. 

How to legally stay in Europe for longer than 90 days

The ‘Schengen area’ includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. A student Schengen Visa is an entry permit to the Schengen Zone granted to third-country Nationals wishing to enter and remain for short stays for the purpose of studying in any of the member states. This visa allows its holder to remain within this area for a maximum period of 3 months. If however the study or training course you are undertaking is longer than that you can apply for a Long-Stay Study Visa at the embassy of the country you are studying in. You need to apply for this while your entry visa is still valid. The only other way is to depart and re-enter the ‘Schengen area’ every three months which is generally not practical. Also it is advisable to apply online for a university  place in the subject and country of your place before you travel. You have the right to live in the European Union Country where you intend to study for the duration of your studies if you fulfill the following requirements. 

  1. You are enrolled in an approved educational establishment
  2. You have comprehensive health insurance 
  3. You have sufficient income from any source to live without requiring extra support

 During the initial 3 months of your stay you are not required to register your residence in the country where you are studying, however after the initial 3 month period you may be required to register your residence with local authorities to show that you are meeting the conditions to stay on as a student and be provided with appropriate documentation that substantiates this. And if after studying in Europe you find that you love it that much you don’t want to leave, after a five year period you are able to apply for a permanent residence in the country. The idea of studying in Europe has the possibility of opening life changing exhilarating experiences and job opportunities that might not be possible where you are currently based, or you may just decide that Europe is the place you want to be. Either way the prospect is available and doable. 

Study in Europe for free

Top 5 European countries to study in 

  1. Germany

Germany is a top destination for those embarking on university studies or those wishing to further them. It is a beautiful, historical country right in the middle of Europe so it is also possible that while you are based in Germany for the duration of your studies you will be able to see much of Europe from such a great vantage point. Germany has free tuition in most of its universities and has hundreds of academic courses to choose from. Another reason to choose Germany to study in is the relatively low cost of living which makes it more affordable to live in. Although a lot of universities offer courses in English it is also beneficial to also learn the language so you can integrate more easily into the society. Germany does offer free language classes to students and you can also start studying the language before you depart. It is also much easier to pick up and start speaking any language when you are in the country. This would enable you to also complete some subjects in the German language if you are so inclined and this could be a great asset to have on your resume when you apply for future positions. 

  1. Iceland 

Although Iceland is small and sparsely populated with only a small population of 320,000 people it is a natural wonderland comprising 103,000 square kilometres. If you love being outdoors and seeing great scenery you will be impressed with the black-sand beaches, breathtaking cliffs, glaciers and fjords.It is also a great place to study. In fact 5% of Iceland’s student body is international and growing. All universities are free for international students who wish to study in Iceland. As most of the population speaks English the language will not be a problem although you may wish to learn Iclandic while you are there. Although there are no tuition fees there is a yearly registration fee which is approximately US$470 per year. 

  1. Greece 

Even the mere thought of Greece conjures up relaxing images of the greek islands, amazing healthy food, great wine and friendly people. Add on the extra benefit of living in one of Europe’s lowest cost areas makes it even more of an attractive destination for your study goals. Again in Greece many courses are undertaken in English but it is a good idea if you plan to stay in the country for a while to learn the native language. The yearly tuition fee is approximately US$1700 and while this is somewhat higher than some of the other European countries it is balanced out by the much cheaper cost of living and of course it’s fantastic climate. 

  1. Norway 

Similar to Germany, Norway is free to all international students with an annual semester fee of around US$50. English is widely spoken in Norway and nearly every Norwegian has a basic understanding of the English language. Keep in mind though that while the costs of furthering your studies in Norway are fairly negligible, the cost of living in Norway is quite steep, so this is something that needs to be balanced out. Norway itself is a diverse and beautiful country and a very modern society which encourages independent thinking and has an excellent education system. 

  1. France 

Who hasn’t dreamed of moving to France? France has actually been voted the second most attractive destination for international students, only Canada is ahead of this popular European study haven. French is the second most spoken language in Europe and along with English is the only language taught in every country of the world. As well as gaining a degree you would be able to learn a popular language which is also widely referred to as the language of love. It’s a French tradition to welcome foreign students from all over the world. Since the Middle Ages and the birth of La Sorbonne, the first French University which opened its doors more than 800 years ago, international students  have made France their choice for not only furthering their education but having the chance to live in one of the most famous countries in the world full of history and beauty. The approximate cost of attending a french university is US$3000 per year. Again higher than some other countries it depends on what type of experience you are after, what your budget is and what your ultimate goal is. 

Change your life.. Study in Europe 

Europe offers an abundance of amazing educational opportunities with the added bonus of living in a continent where you will be able to travel easily, have new experiences and make memories to last a lifetime.  If you want to continue your education this is the best move you could ever make not only for your education but for your future and destiny.

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