Dubai resort opens the world’s highest infinity pool

Named in March as the world’s tallest infinity pool, located inside a building, the rooftop pool has opened at the Address Beach Resort in Dubai.

Guests can enjoy amazing views from the new rooftop pool

At 293.906 meters High (964 feet and 3.1 inches, it is about nine-tenths as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The pool is huge

It is also huge being nearly as twice as long as an Olympic-sized pool.

The view at night is just as amazing

The pool is not just to enjoy a refreshing dip, it also offers amazing, panoramic views over Dubai, including the brand new Ain Dubai Ferris wheel, the worlds tallest and white sandy beaches at Jumeirah.

The pool is only available to use for hotel guests aged 21 and older, however you can still take in the breathtaking scene from this incredible vantage point by booking a table at the adjacent rooftop restaurant, Zeta Seventy Seven.

Take advantage of the view, by visiting the Zeta Seventy Seven restaurant

Another record-breaking pool is set to open in London in May. London’s new Sky Pool which is situated next to the US Embassy on the south bank of the River Thames.

The Sky Pool situated between the 10th stories of two residential skyscrapers is an 82-foot (25-meter) transparent swimming pool. It will also be the largest freestanding acrylic pool structure in the world.

To get to use it though will be a little more challenging than the Address beach Resort in Dubai. Only residents of the 1.4 million apartments are able to access the Sky Pool.

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