Experts share guaranteed pick-up line that works every time

Pick-up lines that work

“Most of the time when we think of pick-up lines, we think of the super cheesy and cringeworthy ones,” says relationship expert Beth Ribarsky, PhD. “But, pick-up lines are more than that! Pick-up lines are anything that helps initiate a conversation.” Direct pick-up lines are the best way to actually pick-up A 2020 study published … Read more

Susan Sarandon is seeking an ‘adventuresome someone who’s been vaccinated’

Susan Sarandon is looking for someone 'adventuresome'

Susan Sarandon is open to finding love again. The 74-year-old actress who recently appeared on the ‘Divorced Not Dead’ podcast talked about love and relationships. Sarandon has one specification that seems non negotiable. When asked what she’s looking for in a partner Sarandon stipulates that a coronavirus vaccination is a top priority, other than that … Read more