Teenager left to die in bath with hands nearly sawn off after Grindr date turns grisly

Holden White, 18 is recalling his fateful meet up with 19 year old Chance Seneca that ended up being the ultimate date from hell.

Chance Seneca who nearly tortured his victim Holden White to death

White met Seneca on the dating app Grinder and they had been chatting together for a month before meeting up in person on June 20, 2020. A decision that nearly cost White his life.

Everything seemed fine. Nothing seemed weird, and we decided after a month of talking we should like to meet,‘ White recalled to US broadcaster CBS17.

White ended up being viciously tortured and left for dead in a bath with a frenzied Seneca attempting to saw his arms off.

The date started off normally enough when Seneca picked Holden up and took him back to his house where they started to play video games in his bedroom.

However after Holden left the room under false pretenses the date turned into the stuff of horror films as Holden ambushed the teenager and attempted to strangle him from behind using a cord.

The terrified youngster fought back until he passed out with every blood vessel in his face ruptured.

Holden remembers waking up and finding himself naked in a bath. ‘The next thing I remember, I was in a bathtub, and he was slicing open my left wrist,’ he recalled.

I was saying my final words to myself which were just, ‘Stay Calm’ he told Raleigh -Durham at WNCN.

Finally Seneca in a miraculous turn around that saved his victim’s life called the police to inform them that he had “killed a man.”

Holden was rushed to hospital where he remained in a coma for three days and stayed in hospital for nearly a month.

Seven months later he is still suffering from the side effects of the gruesome attack that nearly cost him his life.

He is still yet to regain normal functioning in his left hand. Both his wrists had been cut so deeply that his hands had been nearly sawn off.

Holden is now initiating hate crime charges against his torturer with Seneca, who is due in court on March 3.

Speaking to News 10, Holden said; ‘My one goal that I would say would be to yes keep him in prison, and then number two to let everyone know if you have a traumatic experience happen to you, it’s Ok to be said about it, but you need to not stay sad the whole time.’

You have to move on,’ he said.

Holden has not commented on whether or not he would ever consider using the popular app Grindr again.

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