‘We send you our love’ Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban sing together in instagram Christmas video

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sang a rendition of the country star’s song “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight” and shared it with their fans on instagram.

Although Keith is the main contributor to the lyrics, Nicole joins in on a few lyrics. As Keith sang; ‘We can be naughty or nice;’ Kidman sings further; ‘I want naughty — a little bit of nice, (but) a lot of naughty:’

The adorable pair sang together outside of their home in an outdoor area decorated with white Christmas lights. Kidman has her arms around her husband as he begins to sing then gets into the mood by bopping her head around and giggling.

At the end of the song Urban said; ‘I just want to take a second and wish everybody a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, wherever you’re watching this right now, from our family to yours.’

We love you, we send our love,’ Kidman continued

The heartfelt message and video was warmly received by fans and celebrities alike.

In love with your love for each other;’ wrote singer-songwriter Julia Michaels. ‘Merry Christmas to you both and your beautiful Littles:’

The conclusion of the clip showed Keith planting a loving kiss on his wife’s cheek.

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