Tom Cruise ‘loses it’ on Mission Impossible set as crew members break COVID-19 rules

The filming of “Mission Impossible 7” has already proven to be a challenging endeavor for Tom Cruise. According to Variety the film was forced to delay production for a week after people on set tested positive for Coronavirus in Italy.

Up to 150 extras on the film were told not to come in to shoot scenes in Venice while health workers traced contacts of those who had tested positive for the virus

Filming resumed in the United Kingdom approximately two weeks ago and Cruise is determined to try and ensure that the film is not beset by more delays He has reportedly also personally paid $700,000 for the cast and crew of the film to live on cruise ships to create a safety bubble and reduce the risk of a breakout.

The stress of trying to keep everything together seemed to culminate in a leaked audio video after Cruise recently noticed two employees breaking COVID-19 guidelines on set. The crew were said to be standing less than a meter away from each other at a computer screen.

In an audio obtained by The Sun cruise ripped into the offenders; ‘We are creating thousands of jobs you motherf-kers,’ he yelled. ‘And if you don’t do it, you’re fired, and I see you do it again, you’re f–king gone.They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us. That’s it. No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f—ing homes because our industry is shut down.’

Cruise made it crystal clear that his rule applies to ‘anyone’ on the movies crew and blasted the employees for putting industry workers jobs at risk. ‘We are not shutting this f–king movie down,’ he went on. ‘Is it understood? If I see it again, you’re f–king gone.’ he warned.

In an audio obtained by The Sun cruise ripped into the offenders; 'We are creating thousands of jobs you motherf-kers,' Tom Cruise yelled.

Apparently Cruise went on to to threaten crew members with being fired several times more during the outburst.’

Cruise also shared the fact that he’s “on the phone with every f–king studio at night” as well as with producers and insurance companies which is putting him under a great deal of stress. Fifty members of staff at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Herts, were allegedly shocked by the furious and expletive tirade.

COVID-19 has upended the global film industry, halting film production all over the world and closing cinemas. “Mission Impossible 7” is currently due for release on November 19th, 2021. Other stars that appear in the film include Pom Klementieff, Vanessa Kirby and Angela Bassett.

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