Study cites the 5 most common signs you have caught Delta if you’re vaccinated

The Coronavirus Delta variant is proving to be one of the most difficult challenges and is prolonging the pandemic.

This highly contagious strain of the virus has spread swiftly among those that are unvaccinated but is also infecting those that have had both their inoculations.

A new study published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases has foretold of common symptoms that vaccinated people need to be aware of that could signal that they have been infected with the Coronavirus Delta Variant.

Another study published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reminding us that no vaccine is 100 percent effective as the Delta Variant spreads.

On August 27, after examining more than 43,000 COVID infections that had been reported in California’s Los Angeles County between May 1 and July 25, it was concluded that 25% percent of cases were in those that were fully vaccinated. This is one in four cases.

Virologist Angela Rasmuss, PhD, spoke with NBC News and said that the new research seems to be “consistent with a lot of the data coming in.”

Delta causes more breakthroughs, but being vaccinated dramatically reduces both critical illness and death.

Sharon Balter, MD, one of the study’s authors told NBC News that the study finds that: “vaccinated persons are much less likely to have severe illness and may only have mile symptoms.” She did however add that while the vaccinated can still catch COVID that, “vaccinated people (should) wear masks to prevent the spread to unvaccinated people who may become severely ill.”


A huge study analyzed data collected using the Zoe COVID Study app between Dec. 8 and July 4. In this group 1,240,009 users had received at least one dose of the vaccine and 971,504 were reportedly fully vaccinated. While researchers found that “vaccination was associated with lower symptom reporting for almost all symptoms across all age groups,” a small percentage of the fully vaccinated reported symptoms of infection.

Out of the 906 patients included in that group.

39 percent reported sneezing.

41 percent reported headaches.

43 percent experienced a runny nose.

43.7 percent reported feeling fatigued

61.9 percent ran a fever

In spite of the small amount of respondents exhibiting signs of illness, the study emphasizes the importance of vaccination in providing protection against breakthrough illness.

Only 0.5 percent of those who had only received one dose of the vaccine and 0.2 percent of fully vaccinated recipients in the study tested positive for COVID, also asserting that breakthrough infections were twice as likely to be asymptomatic in those that had been fully vaccinated. Those that had received both shots were also half as likely to develop ongoing symptoms known as long COVID after such infections. 5gz

Researchers also correlated a connection between certain age groups with results finding that frail seniors over the age of 60 were approximately twice as likely to contract the virus after only having one dosage in comparison to healthy adults.

The study emphasizes the need to prioritize vaccination in the elderly.

These findings show how especially important it is to protect the vulnerable and promote full vaccination in this age group.

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