Dubai reacts to partying Influencers by closing bars and clubs amid growing Covid infections

An increase in cases of Covid-19 across the United States Emirites (UAE) has prompted the government to order the closure of all bars and clubs.

Influencers seemingly mocking travel bans to control infection rates have been heading to Dubai from the United Kingdom (UK) and sharing images of partying and fun in the sun.

Last week a new travel ban was implemented with the UAE added to a ‘red list’ of countries where travel to the UK is prohibited.

The ‘red list’ was implemented in an effort to control the spread of the new Covid-19 variants stemming from Brazil and South Africa.

All direct flights from the UAE to the UK have now been cancelled in an effort to stop the transmission with the South African mutation believed to have been detected in the UAE.

The list also includes Panama, Parts of Southern Africa as well as all of South America.

“A marked increase in the number of violations of precautionary measures” had led to the shutdown of Dubai’s clubs and bars, stated the Dubai Media Office.

Restaurants will remain open open and the influencers will still be allowed to lounge and film by the pool.

The British influencers in Dubai have been criticized for their condescending response to the travel ban which means they can no longer fly home with one posting, “Oh what a shame.”

Dubai has recently been blamed for the spread of Coronavirus across the globe with legions of tourists going there to party while most of the world is enduring some form of lockdown.

Israel is one country that has reported that 900 travelers returning from Dubai have been infected with the virus with the domino effect of transmission resulting in the ultimate infection of 4,000 people.

Infections have also been linked to celebrities from the Philippines and Denmark who travelled to Dubai for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The UK has launched a new advertising campaign in a bid to control coronavirus infections

The Uk government has launched an advertising campaign warning people that holidays are currently ‘illegal’ and pushing the point “Stay at home. Save lives.”

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