Kamala Harris wasn’t sure where she was as she prepared to address supporters in Cleveland on Saturday

Are we in Cleveland?’ Kamala Harris was heard asking an aide before greeting the crowd with a jubilant, ‘Hey Cleveland, It’s Kamala!.’ Unfortunately for Harris a hot mic caught the interchange and it was quickly circulated on social media with retweeters including President Trump’s son Eric Trump.

Harris also spoke at Cuyahoga Community College, where she urged voters to cast their votes for Democratic Presidential candidate  Joe Biden. During her speech she made another blunder by claiming that the coronavirus had killed ‘over 200 million Americans’ A similar false statement that the virus has claimed 200 million lives had also been previously stated by Biden. In fact the actual number is approximately 224,000. 

According to the polls Ohio is a key swing state showing Biden and Donald Trump going neck to neck in a bid to win over voters. Harris told supporters, ‘You are going to make the difference.. You are going to make the decision about your future, about your family’s future.. It is through the voice of your vote and you have the power… The power is with the people and you know that.’  Harris had delayed her trip to Cleveland after cancelling it a week earlier in response to a staffer testing positive for COVID-19.

She made a heartfelt plea in particular to black men on Friday. A former prosecutor, she accused Trump as a ‘racist.’ and said. ‘I’m not going to tell anybody, including black men, that they’re supposed to vote for us… We need to earn that vote.’

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