Is your partner a cheating Narcissist?

Being in a relationship with a selfish narcissist can wreak havoc with your self esteem and break you down bit by bit till you are a shadow of your former self.

Narcissists excel at turning you into the ‘crazy’ one if you discover they are cheating on you.

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They will lie and say you are insane if you even suggest they are doing anything wrong.

Narcissistic personality disorder in men involves a pattern of arrogant-thinking and behavior coupled with self-centeredness, lack of empathy and consideration for other people and a huge need for admiration. They are also described as manipulative, selfish, extremely cocky, demanding and patronizing.

Colin Skolnik, a relationship expert who resides in Las Vegas has shared with his TikTok viewers certain phrases that could mean they are dating a narcissist that can warn them to get out of the relationship before it damages them.

Skolnik reveals the hidden, underlying meanings behind such expressions such as “I’m sorry you feel this way,’ ‘I love you’ and the classic ‘She’s just a friend,’ when your partner is a self-serving narcissist.

In the majority of relationships these phrases are well intended to make a partner feel reassured, however when muttered by a narcissist they can illustrate that they are cheating and/or controlling.


Narcissistic Love ☠️💀☠️

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Skolnik explains in a video what a narcissist really means when they say, “I love you.” In actual fact “what they really mean is: “I love owning you, I love controlling you, I love using you. It feels so good to love bomb you, sweet talk you, pull you in and then discard you whenever I please.”

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Many of his followers could relate to what he said and shared that they had dated “controlling” narcissists who uttered the phrase with their sinister underlying meaning.

In another video Skolnik said that if a male narcissist states that: “She’s just a friend” to his partner, it’s highly probable that he is cheating on her.

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“Translation (or what he really means is): ‘I keep this person around as a backup for whenever I get bored. They may replace you if you leave. In fact, they may already be acting as a valuable side piece to me,” he stated.

Some followers were highly affected by how accurately this description fitted their previous experiences.

“This one hit hard and true!” said one.

And; “I almost threw up with how accurate this was,” from another victim.

Skolnik also believes that when a narcissist says “You’re overreacting” it really translates into “you’re having a perfectly normal reaction to an immense amount of BS, but all I see is that you’re catching on. Let me gaslight you some more so that you second-guess yourself.”

And the seemingly consolatory phrase, “I’m sorry you feel this way,” really means “Sorry, not sorry. Let’s get this argument over with already so I can continue my abusive behavior in peace. I’m not sorry I did what I did, I’m sorry I got caught.”

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