Which country would be most likely to survive a Nuclear Holocaust?

A recent study published in the Journal Risk Analysis undertaken by two New Zealand scientists found that their country and neighbouring Australia would have the best chances of surviving an apocalypse.

If you want to survive ‘end times’ the safest place to be has been deemed Australia

‘Straya and the kiwi kingdom “might survive a severe sun-reducing catastrophe such as nuclear winter and be well placed to help reboot-collapsed human civilization,” stated the authors who also included the island nations of the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Iceland as being the “most resilient to ASRS (abrupt sunlight reduction scenarios).”

“There will likely be pockets of survivors around the planet in even the most severe ASRS,” the authors believe and these five island countries have the optimal blend of agriculture, trade and energy components to maximize survival chances in the case of “severe climate effects.”

Australia takes place as the number one country where people would survive a nuclear catastrophe due to its protracted distance from the northern hemisphere where the likelihood of nuclear fallout would occur.

Australia also boasts a quality infrastructure and food supply.

“Australia has the largest excess food production under simulated nuclear winter scenarios,” stated the authors.

Although these nations are far away from the rest of the world which can be disadvantageous, in the wake of a nuclear holocaust, the long distance from the detonation of a nuclear weapon might prove to be the advantage of survival.

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